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What A Woman Wants: The Eternal Mystery Of Female UK Mistresses Sexual Desire

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Future columnists tried to figure out why scientists have so far failed to comprehend the mystery of female uk mistresses sexuality.

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What does a woman want? This is a question, the answer to which they tried in vain to find a great many inquisitive minds - from Sigmund Freud to Mel Gibson. It was this question that served as a source of inspiration for countless books, articles and blog posts, and an occasion for excruciating thoughts of both sexes.

However, despite decades of trying to solve this riddle, researchers have so far failed to give a general definition of such a concept as female sexual uk mistresses attraction, not to mention fully understanding the mechanisms of its work.

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However, today we have already gone far from the outdated notions of the past, when women were considered either insatiable and voluptuous nymphomaniacs, or creatures completely devoid of sexuality.

All women want different things

Today, more and more scientists recognize that female attraction cannot be described uk mistresses in a few simple terms and lead to a common denominator: for different women - and even for the same woman! - it is expressed in different ways. The spectrum of its manifestations is extremely diverse.

We are also gradually starting to realize uk mistresses that the mechanisms of sexual desire in men and women can differ to a much lesser extent than previously thought.

For decades, researchers proceeded from the prevailing belief that men have a greater need for sex than women, especially since this thesis was regularly supported by the results of large-scale studies.

However, according to the latest information, the differences between the sexes in this matter can be much less pronounced or even completely absent. It all depends on how we define and measure this sex drive.

The results of a number of studies have shown that when it comes to a couple’s relationship, both a man and a woman can be equally likely to be a partner with less need for sex. Authors of past studies usually asked their participants questions like "How often in the last month have you had sex drive?

But after the researchers began to ask respondents about their feelings at a particular point in time - the intensity of sexual desire at the height of sexual intercourse - then no differences were found between men and women.

Female sexuality is no weaker than male, it is only much more diverse “This finding casts doubt on our stereotypical gender beliefs that women are passive and sexless,” says Laurie Brotto, a professor of obstetrics and gynecology at the University of British Columbia and a private psychotherapist. moment in time, can have no less impact on women than on men. " Other scientists have found that the intensity of sexual desire in women fluctuates along with the phases of their menstrual cycle.

“During the ovulation period, when women’s sexuality reaches its peak, they are interested in sex as much as men,” says Lisa Diamond, professor of psychology and gender sciences at the University of Utah. This seems logical if we recall that the ultimate goal of sex is to produce offspring.

In women, the stages of arousal, plateau, orgasm and resolution do not necessarily occur in the same sequence as in men In the past, doctors have also suggested that attraction in women may depend on the level of the male sex hormone testosterone in their blood.

In fact, testosterone does not play such a significant role in this matter: according to the results of several studies, women with high libido and women suffering uk mistresses from pathologically low levels of attraction, the level of this hormone practically did not differ.

Nevertheless, women still believe that testosterone is the best treatment for hypexuality, and doctors continue to prescribe it, often guided by the results of tests in which indicators that are the norm for men are mistakenly used as uk mistresses the reference value - but not for women.

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